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Service Center

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Service Center 


Items of Convenience Service

‧Verbal Lawsuit Entertainment

‧Consultation of Legal Question

‧Written Forms Offer

‧Service for Lawsuit Preparation

‧Reference Book Loan

‧Instruction to Injury Inspection

‧Surrender Guidance

‧Service for Litigation Matters

‧Bail and Custody

‧Release of Security

‧Witness Allowance

‧Booty Remittance

‧Closeout Inquiry

‧Imprisonment Changed to Forfeit


TEL: 082-325192 or 082-325090


Panel Discussion for Judicial Volunteers


On February 24, 2004, this office held a panel discussion for judicial volunteers. During the course of the discussion, the chief prosecutor awarded these volunteers with letters of appointment and reminded them to serve as the channels of communication and serve between the prosecutors and the parties or the inquiring public. He also requested them to work with this office to enhance the quality of service and to uphold the image of the judicial body. The judicial volunteers of this office include Lu Rong-ping, Lu Ai-hwa, Chen Wen-ching, Hong Hsio-mei, chuang Guo-ping, and Yang Hsiao-chuan.

The chief prosecutor expressed that, in order to reinforce the role of the prosecutors office as a public servant, establishing an image of being attuned to public needs, the term of judicial volunteers is from March 1, 2004 through March 1, 2006. The tasks assigned to the judicial volunteers are as follows: guide the parties through the litigation proceedings, one-stop bail disbursement services, answer inquiries, telephone services, assist in carrying out different application procedures, assist in writing petitions and statements, help protect the people appearing in court and maintain vehicular traffic order, assist the disadvantaged, and beautifying the surroundings.

The judicial volunteers of this office nominated Yang Hsiao-chuan, former bailiff of the district prosecutor office as the head of the volunteers to assist in the planning and operations of the volunteer team. Chief prosecutor Tsai Rei-chong also hopes to hold training programs and gatherings for judicial volunteers in the future to be able to recruit passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable people to become judicial volunteer to improve the service quality and enhance the image of this office.



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