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Introduction of the Departments and Divisions

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Introduction of the Departments and Divisions 


Ø  Prosecutor Office

According to Article 6 of the Law of Court Organization, the tasks and responsibilities of the prosecutor include carrying out investigations, presenting public indictment, carrying out indictments, undertake private prosecution, assist in private prosecution, conduct the implementation of verdicts, and carrying out other tasks and responsibilities mandated by law.


Ø  Chief Clerk Office

Handles administrative affairs as per instructions from the chief prosecutor; directs and supervises all personnel below the rank of clerk.

Assigns prosecutors to carry out investigation, implementation, and recording of crimes.

Carries out the supervision of litigation, case classification (documentation), being in charge of the official seal, and others.

Takes charge of liaising with the various offices and sections within the office.

Responsible for handling the news as well as liaising with journalists and reporters.

Carries out other temporary assignments.


Ø  Accounting Office

Plans, reviews, and draws up estimation, budget, and final financial statements for annual income and expenditures.  

Drawing up, disbursement, and reservation of budget.

Manages and handles the budget and drafts accounting reports; prepares settlement of accounts.

Supervises purchases made according to the governments Purchase and Acquisitions Law and other related laws.

Reviews bail, fines, and confiscated monies and collects them in the national coffers.

Reviews and disburses bail.

Handles other matters related to accounting.

Handles and analyzes various statistical data; compiles statistical reports.


Ø  Personnel Office

Reviews and carries out hiring and firing as well as transfer of employees.

Checks and transmutes selection and appointment of officials.

Drafts salary scale; evaluates and reviews compensation standards.   

Evaluates official assignments and diligence; reviews rewards and incentives items.  

Implements and transmutes performance assessments and results.

Deliberates and transmutes returned documents and relief compensation cases.

Handles matters related to mutual help and welfare.

Registers and files various HR data reports.

Considers and issues HR-related certifications.

Conducts manpower survey and statistical items.

Takes care of the insurance of government employees.

Handles other matters related to human resource.

Handles matters assigned by the chief prosecutor.


Ø  Probation Office

Guides individuals previously held in custody: use scientific, individualized ways to assist these individuals in becoming independent, enabling them to adapt to society.

Supervises individuals previously held in custody: Carries out custodial matters according to the Criminal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, and Rehabilitative Measure Execution Act to prevent the individual from committing crimes again, ensuring peace and order.

Job introduction: Transfers the individual to the appropriate organization, group, and individual according to his or her specific needs to achieve total educational, employment, and medical care.

Selects the organization or agency for individuals under probation to do volunteer services for deferred prosecution as well as assesses his/her performance of volunteer service.

Handles other temporary matters.


Ø  Documentation Section

Handles documentation as its primary task.

Assists in studying and investigating cases; follows-up on ordinary documentation and the filing of various reports.

Handles categorization of cases into criminal, deferred prosecution, and probation cases.

Handles matters related to national reparations.

Convenes, liaises, coordinates, and records relevant meetings.

Handles other temporary matters.


Ø  General Affairs Section

Handles general affairs as its primary task.

Manages general affairs.

Manages technicians and janitors.

Handles other temporary matters.


Ø  Records Section

Assigns official crime recorder.

Handles investigation cases.

Handles other temporary matters.


Ø  Judicial Police Office

Assigns tasks to bailiffs.

Supervises all the bailiffs in handling matters pertaining to proceedings, security, transport of suspects, and tasks of the judicial police.

The bailiff office is also responsible for some document filing, financial management, material management, library management, and document receiving tasks.

Implements litigation guidance and supervision, helps prepare written petitions or written statements presented in court.



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