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Status of General Administrative Tasks

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Status of General Administrative Tasks


1. Reinforcing liaison between prosecutors and police personnel

The prosecutor represents the country in carrying out indictments. The judicial police is responsible for assisting the prosecutor in investigating the case. Although they are under different organizations, eradicating crimes and guaranteeing peace and order are their common tasks. The maximization of their functions rests on the quality of liaison between them. The chief prosecutor personally participates in the annual high-level liaison meeting between prosecutors, investigators, and police personnel. He also convenes the areas prosecutors and police personnel and invites the head of the military police to talk about legal interpretation and exchange actual case experiences. Once or twice every year, the chief prosecutor, together with the prosecutors, will visit the police agencies in the areas under their jurisdiction. Meetings will be held during these times to talk about various viewpoints to come up with a unified procedure.


2. Promoting legal education

On November 7, 1992, the Kinmen area established a concept of termination of battleground administration. In view of this, it is working hard to promote the formation of the rule of law.

Call and request the local Kinmen Daily Post to run columns introducing different legal knowledge, encouraging the public to know and obey the law.

Use various gatherings within the areas of jurisdiction to explain legal commonsense.

Go around the various schools to lecture on legal commonsense.

Go door-to-door and distribute books, posters, and promotion paraphernalia to households in towns and townships.

Combine the resources of the community, the school, and the administrative offices to promote judicial protection.


3. Expanding public service

Start service centers; purchase equipments to provide the public with a comfortable service environment. In 1990, the office was given an A ranking by the Executive Yuan; in 1993, the Ministry of Justice ranked it as an excellent agency.

Assign specific personnel to carry out different services. Adopt a warm and enthusiastic attitude in teaching the person concerned about litigation proceedings and answer legal inquiries.

Set up a service line and request Chunghwa Telecom to install a public telephone for party use.

Display samples of written petitions and statements and reference law books, and prepare pens and paper, as well as water for the public use.

Place a copying machine to provide the public to photocopy litigation documents free of charge.


4. Improving the credibility and image of the prosecutors office

Ranked no. 1 in the 3rd division of the Ministry of Justice in 1998

Hire judicial volunteers to take turns daily and guide the persons concerned through the litigation process.

Establish a section for the disbursement of bail to hasten disbursement.

Promote the use of telephone for applications and inquiries.

Start a public opinion e-mail address: tp14@mail.moj.gov.tw

Implement the practice of having the prosecutors present throughout the entire court proceedings for major graft and corruption cases, organized crimes, major criminal cases,and sensational cases to maximize the function of court attendance.

Implement the spokesman system, establish close links with the media, reach a consensus,handle the dissemination of news properly during the course of investigations and adhere to the principle of closed investigation.

Improve the attitude of the prosecutor during questioning; encourage punctual start of court proceedings; distribute questionnaires to the persons involved in each case.

Equip the investigation room with audio and video recording equipment; record on tape and on video the entire proceeding, should it be deemed necessary.

Reinforce the prosecutor s use of application for summary sentencing and appropriate use of ex-officio not to prosecute.


5. Protecting the rights of the victim

This office has established a Committee on the Compensation of Crime Victims; it has also set up a Kinmen Branch of the Association for the Protection of Crime Victims to assist in implementing matters related to the protection and application for compensation of crime victims.

The investigation room of this office is equipped with a two-way communication system, enabling the victim and the accused to confront each other without having to see each other face-to-face.

This office has also set up an identification room in the investigation room which has a one-way transparent glass. This prevents children or women to suffer abuse for the second time.

This office has set up a separate special investigation room. Its interiors are done to give the place a warm atmosphere, allowing the victim to calm down.


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