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Introduction of District Prosecutors Office

  • The Works of the Fuchien kinmen District Prosecutors Office

    The work of the Fuchien Kinmen District Prosecutors Office   1. Anti-Corruption According to the Act of Anti-Corruption Move for Prosecutorial System, the Kinmen District Prosecutors Office has organized a team to fight corruption. Headed by the prosecutor general, the team consists of members including the chief prosecutor, public prosecutors, director and station chief of Fukien Provincial Field Office, Investigation Bureau, chief of Anti-Corruption Section, Fukien Provincial Field Office, Investigation Bureau, and Director of Ethic Office of the Kinmen County Government. Periodical meetings are held every season to discuss related issues. Citizens are encouraged to inform against corruption through mail, phone, fax and email.   2. Crackdown on Smuggling and Narcotics In August 1993, a special corps was organized to fight smuggling and narcotics. The corps includes such units as the prosecution, the police, the investigation bureau, the offshore flotilla and the coast patrol office. Personal contact between Kinmen and Mainland China has become more frequently since “the Liberalization of Commerce, Mail Communication and Vessel/Aircraft Communication” between Kinmen, Matsu of Taiwan and Mainland China on January 1, 2001. High on our list of priorities includes such works as the prohibition of illegal actions by fishermen of the Mainland China, the prevention of illegal migration of the people of the PRC and the criminals wanted by the law, the seizing of drug and weapon smuggling, and the prohibition of illegal import of animals and plant without quarantine.   3. Crackdown on Crime Following the instructions given by the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Prosecution, the local prosecutor general has organized a corps to fight crime. The corps is consisted of members including the chief of the Kinmen County Police Office, the commanding officer of the detective division, the Kinmen County Police Office, and chief of Fukien Provincial Field Office, Investigation Bureau. They met periodically to discuss related issues. At present, there is no organized group of gangsters in Kinmen. However, with its special geographical location, Kinmen is a convenient place through which criminals may escape into the Mainland China or come back to Taiwan. The prevention of such smuggling shall be our top priority.   4. Crackdown on Vote-buying For every election, the Kinmen District Prosecutors Office organized a special corps against vote-buying. We set up an operating center for investigation and encourage citizens to inform against bribery through telephone and mail. The policemen and investigators actively inspected into bribery under the directions of the prosecutors during the election campaign. Citizens were encouraged to impeach anyone for giving or taking bribes. Those who decided to surrender to justice were also encouraged. After the end of an election we continued the work by organizing a campaign against vote-buying. All organizations responsible for same mission were invited to be co-sponsors. All workers in our office were mobilized for propaganda against bribery among the masses through films, slogans, posters and booklets.   5. Prevention of Child Prostitution According to the new law for the prevention of child prostitution promulgated on January 21,1996 by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of the Interior, the local prosecutor general invited the chief prosecutor, public prosecutors, commanding officer of the detective division and chief of administrative section, the Kinmen County Police Office, officers of the Social Affairs Bureau, Education Bureau, and Public Health Bureau of the Kinmen County Government to organize a corps to prevent child prostitution. No case of this kind has been reported in Kinmen so far.   6. Supervision of Mediation Cases A case of mediation approved by the court enjoys same efficacy as a sentence. The party concerned is not allowed to lodge complaint at court any more. One-self action is not allowed either. Thus, with its powerful legal efficacy mediation plays an important role for conflict settlement. The Kinmen District Prosecutors Office, therefore, actively guides local people to better understand the benefit of mediation and encourages them to settle dispute by this way. The prosecutors usually urge the parties concerned of petty cases to settle differences through mediation. By so doing the number of legal cases as well as the prosecutors’ workload shall be reduced. Besides, the Kinmen District Prosecutors Office and Kinmen County Government jointly hold seminars on mediation to improve the function of local committee of mediation. While a dispute being mediated, prosecutors will be appointed to attend the meeting to provide legal counseling and other assistance.   7. Supervision of Jails and Detention Houses The prosecutors of the Kinmen District Prosecutors Office inspect the local jails and detention houses every month to make sure their security. The prisoners and the accused are welcome to plead their cases to the prosecutors during such inspections. And the prosecutors can take necessary measures to guarantee the human rights of the prisoners and the accused.   8. Improvement of Rehabilitation and Protection of Victims The rehabilitation of prisoners is an important part of the criminal policy. It helps restore the prisoners to a normal life by retraining or medical treatment after imprisonment. Through the assistance provided by the rehabilitation officers and volunteers, the prisoners can quickly adapt to the society after finishing their imprisonment. This will help to reduce the possibility of their committing a crime again. In addition, the Kinmen District Prosecutors Office periodically organized crime-preventive activities, calling upon the public to provide helping hands to those who had once walked on the wrong way. In order to protect and help the crime victims and their families, the government promulgated a new law in 1998. According to this law, the Kinmen District Prosecutors Office set up a committee of compensation for crime victims, responsible for the consideration of compensation cases proposed by crime victims or their families. Furthermore, as soon as a case of this sort being reported to our office, the Kinmen District Prosecutors Office would send rehabilitation officers and volunteers to visit the victims, providing them a wide range of assistance from medical treatment, legal counseling, counseling for reparation, life rehabilitation to security and safeguard. All these measures are taken to help crime victims and their families to achieve a new life.  

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